Actionable tips to write quality content

“It’s not as if we we are just going to sit around thinking, ‘Shoot, I’m just gonna throw some random crap out there that I wrote while I was working on my tan last weekend, call it content and hope nobody notices!’ ”

Carol Lynn Rivera always calls a spade a spade and usually with a generous dose of wry humour thrown in for good measure.

In this well constructed post on what actually constitutes ‘good content’, she has put together actionable tips for ensuring your writing won’t want to make your readers “fall asleep head first in their bowl of cereal.”

She talks about writing techniques in terms of rhythm, order and structure. But it’s the all powerful ability to tell a story based on your authentic voice and your purpose that reiterates all I believe constitutes brilliant blogging.

It’s about the people not the bots
She also puts paid to the notion that quality content is purely for the benefit of the search engines.

I guarantee if you read this post, you’ll take away several actionable tips and a sure-fire way to significantly improve your valuable content and the attention it is paid.

About Carol Lynn Rivera
Carol Lynn Rivera began her career as an educator and program developer for several private schools in New York and New Jersey. With a dual Bachelor’s degree in Psychology and Education and a Master’s in Education, she helped to architect programs in startup schools for both full day and after school enrichment programs. Her passion for education transcended industries in 1999 when she and husband Ralph Rivera founded Rahvalor Interactive, a creative services and marketing company, where she shifted her focus from teaching kids the ABCs to teaching adults the ABCs… of marketing.

In addition to acting as Rahvalor’s project manager, Carol Lynn manages search and social marketing programs for both B2B and B2C customers where she enjoys being able to engage in her second passion: writing. When she’s not writing for blogs she’s planning her early retirement to Barcelona as a famous and wealthy novelist.

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