Bangkok’s Central World

With eight stories and an opening in 2006, Central World is the eleventh-largest retail mall in the world.

The best mall in Bangkok is Central World, and I love it because it has such a big selection of different brands. Everything is available here. Recently, the second Apple Store in Thailand opened here.

A highlight for me, though, is the great supermarket/grocery store Central Food Hall on the top level. You may savor a variety of Thai and foreign foods, beverages, snacks, and Thai mementos here. If you ask me, it’s the greatest food shop in Bangkok.

A sizable outdoor open space called CentralWorld Square may be seen in front of Central World. This space is frequently utilized for events, which is a wonderful and enjoyable addition to the shopping center. At Christmas, the entire court transforms into a sizable beer festival or area with several tables and beer brands. Here too, marketplaces are frequent.

As one of the locations in Bangkok where there are firework displays, Central World is the place to be for the New Year’s Eve Countdown Party. We have spent numerous New Year’s Eves here, and every time, the fireworks are amazing!

Four “wings” of Central World contain a variety of stores, caf├ęs, and eateries. Additionally, you may discover ice skating rinks, banks, cellphone stores, a movie, a fantastic supermarket, and more!

Central Department Store may be found in one of the building’s four wings (previously known as Zen). The department store features a sizable open area spread across multiple floors with a wide variety of brands. There are no barriers separating each brand’s space from the others. quite light.

CentralWorld Square is home to the second authorized Apple shop in Thailand (right outside the Central Department Store). The largest Apple Store in Southeast Asia is located here. In Bangkok, there are two Apple shops; the other is located in Icon Siam.