Blogging and social media

We had no clue what to anticipate from this networking event on a Sunday night.

When Mike Rhodes (of PPC fame) stepped down as the organizer of the Melbourne Webloggers Meet-up group recently, I volunteered to take his place. Darren Rowse of Problogger is one of the group’s 180 members, a well-known blogger.

Due to my impatience to set up a meeting, I chose a day and sent out an invitation on what I mistakenly believed was a Thursday. That venue I had reserved was closed since it was a Sunday — drat!

The Golden Monkey, a basement pub along Hardware Lane, with ambient lighting and music that was quiet enough to hear what people were saying. It was a terrific spot in the heart of Melbourne’s downtown.

Our talk was more personal since there were just six of us. To begin with, it went from the horrors of Steve Jobs (Mac) and Bill Gates (PC) through the influence of Twitter when used correctly, to how to properly upload video (a issue I am now experiencing) to blogging, in one example to reinforce a personal shift in behavior.

Even though we worked hard hours and most days of the week, the rituals of flopping are unique, particularly when they are saved for only one night a week. We were pleasantly surprised and glad that we had pulled ourselves out of our regular Sunday night lethargy.

A lot of the suggestions were sound ones. Some individuals found it difficult, while others found it simple. I’ve seen a lot of goodwill and eagerness to assist on the internet, and this was no exception.

One of the members of the group even considered travelling to Doi Mae Salong to shoot the children as part of his degree requirements as a photojournalist. The networking cross-overs are becoming better and better.

It’s in your best interest to do so.