Getting clients to trust you by writing great blog posts

Getting to know your clients

Step one in building relationships with clients is to give your website visitors what they came for: useful information, products, or services, most of which can be found in great blog content.

In return, you might get the name and email address of your visitor, which is the most valuable thing on the Internet right now.

How often do you tell people the story of your business? Who is it? How should it look? How many more people could you reach with the right tools if you wowed your audience?

This gives you the green light to make the relationship stronger.
So, how do you get started?

Give them free access to your most valuable information.
Make a report that answers their question.

Does this make you think of hard work?
If the thought of writing a report is too much for you, which means it won’t get done even though it’s a great way to build your business community, here’s a way to do it.

Probe makes the process easy and gives you three powerful tools for building relationships.

We do an interview and research, then write a unique report that you can send for free to your database and out into the online world to grow your all-important list.

The great thing about the Probe method is that it: mines a rich, current source of experience, knowledge, and skills—YOU; engages your clients and prospects with your own language and personality; positions you and your business as experts; and gives you instant blog content for your online presence; fits in with other marketing efforts.

Don’t worry if you don’t have a database or if it’s incomplete or under construction. Our product relate will make sure that’s easy and cheap to fix.

How does this happen?
Fill out the form below, and we’ll contact you to set up a time for a Skype call so you can start building relationships with your clients and the community. During the call, we’ll ask you questions about your business offer and then conduct an interview.

The interview will be transcribed, edited, and turned into a powerful document, both in text and as an audio file that you can use as a podcast to give your visitors your best information for free.

That helps build trust. Relationships are built on trust.
People like doing business with people they know and trust.

And you only have to give up two hours of your time.

Auto-responder series
Also, you can use the information from the interview to make a three-part email auto-responder series that is meant to get people to buy what you’re selling.