Creating a sense of trust

The trust monitor is shown here. It is based on a few of the crucial characteristics that together make up trust. It may be used to evaluate the credibility of nearly anything, including an offer, a product, a solution, a person, a member of staff, or a customer.

On a scale of one to 10, where one is bad and ten is great, rate each of these questions.

What percentage of the whole picture do you believe you are really being told, in your opinion? Do you have to interpret the text in another way?

Authenticity: Why do you think this is real, in your opinion? What are the qualifications? Exist any testimonials, and if so, how reliable are they?

Transparency: Do you think you’ve received all the information you need to make a decision? that no secret agenda exists?

Competency: Has the ability or knowledge required to fulfill what has been promised been amply demonstrated?

Are you aware of inclusivity? Do you participate in the process? Feeling a member of the tribe? Has all the information been provided that you need in order to make a decision?

It’s a useful tool for determining if you should go forward or not. Avoid anything with an overall score of less than five.