Business marketing strategy

Wherever you sit on the scale of doing business, you are one of a community of suppliers of goods and services.

In the best scenario, you are at the helm of your business community and share with it, your purpose for being in business.  Your business intent is what your community should believe in, have a need for or might even be prepared to take a risk for.

You supply, they exchange, you benefit, they benefit.

Your satisfied community member advocates for you and others join as a result and so it grows.

But how do you readily find them, these potentially committed business community members?  Up until the advent of  the internet now, this has been a persistent business issue.

Traditional marketing strategies to prospect both for new business and business development can be costly in time and money.  Neither do they offer you an effective means to build trust.

Trust is key to doing and maintaining good business but is an often forgotten ingredient in the marketing strategy mix.

Trust relationships are vital to the conduct of business Charles H. Green, author of Trust-based Selling

And that is why you must blog.  Because it works as a business marketing strategy.

Firstly, a correctly search engine optimized website has by far the greater potential to put your message in front of every one of your possible business stakeholders.

The dynamic communications that a blog offers, opens the door, literally to the whole world of your business community members.  It allows you first to connect, then to relate and finally to transform in whatever way that is important to do so.

In the process, you establish trust, your business community is more likely to be persuaded to act, advocate and return.  And so it grows.