Is it possible to have good business relationships?

Is it contradictory to receive payment for a good or service and to be in a “state of connection”?

Despite all the pretense, the idea of corporate connections is a fake one that hides an unrelenting search for money.

That is a rather pessimistic viewpoint, dear reader (and possible business partner). one that portrays a tough workplace where the only incentive is truckloads of cash.

Fortunately for us, the majority of us desire an honorable business existence. By offering the finest information, service, or product we can within our limits, we want to produce an abundance of prosperity.

This is even more obvious online, where we try to establish connections by providing our global community with guides, advice, free goods, ebooks, and useful information.

relations-based advertising?
Relationship marketing is becoming more popular. Businesses both offline and online are increasingly aware that free material may be exchanged for a list of names and email addresses that is just as valuable. Additionally, this enables them to routinely contact with others on the list.

Is it the “giver’s” responsibility to establish the connection? Or should we assume that by accepting the offer, the “receiver” has shown a wish to start dating? they so to speak batted their virtual eyelids.

How you approach the succeeding conversation depends on how you interpret this hesitant first step toward a long-term business partnership.

How many of us have experienced the rudeness of receiving a barrage of sales letters shortly after cautiously agreeing to a courtship, much like a first date making improper demands?

Old-fashioned courtship
Are we all looking for a little romance first? Do we like a little coddling before we’re asked to dive into a full-fledged frolic, frequently with a hefty price tag?

We do desire to be treated with decency, respect, and perhaps even a little flattery. Even more so if they are seen as an authority figure, we really appreciate being made to feel exceptional in someone else’s world. We like the chance to describe our problems, state our demands, and experience genuine listening. We respond favorably to sincere assistance, sound counsel, and new information.

It thrills us. We wish to inform our loved ones and friends. Making us become advocates is not that tough.

Successful marriage
Each of these qualities—confidence, clarity, teamwork, and consistency—can ignite a raging fire in anyone’s heart. You have the makings of a fruitful business collaboration when you combine knowledge, being heard, and being made to feel encouraged.

grudging enrollment and compliance
Have you ever questioned why some relationships simply don’t seem to work despite your best efforts? almost as though your greatest efforts were being undermined? It’s possible that your opponent will only comply reluctantly.

This may sound familiar to you. They are aware of their need for what you have to offer, but they just don’t care. Or they believe they could do it themselves if they only had the time, ability, technology, and training. So why should I pay you? These individuals won’t alter.

The client who collaborates is enrollment. They will work with you to resolve problems because they want to see results.

Quick and painless conclusion
How do you decide when to let go?

If after the initial courtship they no longer value your work, undermine what you do for them, broaden the scope of the work while refusing to pay for the additional time, change their minds in the middle of the project, give you the go-ahead one day and then complain the next, and leave you hanging for ages…

Time to turn on the computer guillotine.

“Hello there, I think someone else might be able to better meet your requirements than I could (or our company, organisation etc). Here is a list of individuals, groups, etc. who we think would provide excellent service to you. Goodbye and luck to you.

Avoid lingering. Spend no time or effort on a bad relationship. It won’t get much worse. Cut it out and focus your efforts on working with the participants in your collaboration.