Busy bloggers : reminder call

Waiting for a client in a small coffee shop – the sort that have mushroomed all over cities that I know of – although perhaps they have been common in Europe for centuries – you know the sort, impossibly small, crowded, noisy with people in earnest discussion, it becomes clear that I have been stood up.

I’ve let people down, always inadvertently. Too otherwise-occupied to write the details on the calendar or in the diary, so hastily scrawled on the back of a business card and then forgotten. I am not in anyway irritable with my would-be meeting partner. In any case, she has phoned with sincere apologies.

Instead I grab my little notebook (would that it was an ipad) and pen this blog as I learn another of life’s irreducible lessons. As the cliche goes, better late ….

Always make a reminder call the day before an appointment to confirm. Either you’re phoning the person who scrawled the details on the back of the card and then forgot, or you’re being phoned and reminded. Either way it’s a winner!