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  • Defining Muay Thai

    The national sport of Thailand is Thai Boxing, often known as Muay Thai or the “art of eight limbs,” and the Thai people are extremely proud of it. The competitors utilize their elbows, legs, shins, and feet just as much as their fists, unlike in boxing, which only has two points of contact: the fists. […]

  • Doi Tung Royal Project – hidden gem of Northern Thailand

    Intro Established in 1988 in the Golden Triangle, the Project tackles poverty and lack of opportunity at the source of the issue, transforming an opium producing region into a reforested one. Opium addict rehabilitation, healthcare and education, and alternative livelihood creation were all part of this project’s scope, which helped more than 10,000 individuals from […]

  • Travel Guide for Phuket Town

    Searching for places and things to do in Phuket Town? Or maybe you’re still debating if Phuket Town should be included in your forthcoming vacation to Phuket. We list Phuket Town’s finest attractions, top cafés, markets, and restaurants in our travel guide, along with our picks for the best places to stay. Even though we […]

  • Chinatown: Going Back in Time

    We have visited Bangkok quite a few times, frequently for extended stays of many weeks. We’ve also been to Chinatown a few times, but when the Bangkok Vanguards offered to take us on a unique walking tour to see the original Bangkok, we just could not refuse. A particularly intriguing part of Bangkok is Chinatown, […]

  • Bangkok’s Best Places & Ways to Experience Thai Boxing

    In my ears, my heart is thumping loudly. I’m working hard, dripping in perspiration, and pushing myself to the very maximum. I simply can’t move my body off the ground another time because it never ends. I’m just going to lay here for a moment to collect my breath. Whack! I suddenly feel a leather […]