Category: Thailand

  • Bangkok’s Central World

    With eight stories and an opening in 2006, Central World is the eleventh-largest retail mall in the world. The best mall in Bangkok is Central World, and I love it because it has such a big selection of different brands. Everything is available here. Recently, the second Apple Store in Thailand opened here. A highlight […]

  • Bangkok’s Jim Thompson House Museum

    One of the tourist sites that is listed in all the guidebooks and lists of things to do in Bangkok is the Jim Thompson House. But in this instance, there is a legitimate reason for it. In conclusion, the Jim Thompson House Museum is a must-see while in Bangkok and one of our favorite Bangkok […]

  • Festival of the Pillar Inthakin in Chiang Mai

    The so-called “city pillar” may be seen in many Thai towns and cities. These pillars were built when a new community was founded and are frequently situated in the center of the city. Although the pillars were often once formed of stone or wood, they today frequently have elaborate protective metal or brass casings. These […]