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  • Doi Tung Royal Project – hidden gem of Northern Thailand

    Intro Established in 1988 in the Golden Triangle, the Project tackles poverty and lack of opportunity at the source of the issue, transforming an opium producing region into a reforested one. Opium addict rehabilitation, healthcare and education, and alternative livelihood creation were all part of this project’s scope, which helped more than 10,000 individuals from […]

  • The goal is coherence.

    That’s no cacophony when the wild ducks you’ve been herding line up on your skillfully built wall and joyfully quack to the same song sheet. It is coherent and magical. Serendipity is not coherence. It’s not only the right time, location, or place. It takes bravery, constancy, focus, and clarity of goal for it to […]

  • What is organic SEO? Why it’s bad for business to ignore it.

    Organic search engine optimization (SEO) is based on the simple idea that there are three important things online: your offer, the people who are looking for it, and the search engines. How organic search engine optimization works and why businesses should pay attention First, the content on your website needs to explain your offer in […]

  • I absolutely abhor sales.

    As a company owner, how many times have you heard the phrase “I love what I do but hate selling it?” It appears to be a gut reaction to putting a value on something they care about and then having to ask for it. For small businesses, “sales” is a relatively new concept. The term […]

  • You know, it’s a revolution.

    In 2011, the number of people starting their own businesses climbed by about 22%*, making us a global population of over 400 million people. “We’re part of the global entrepreneurial elite, an identity that transcends borders, ethnicities, and religion,” Scott Harley said in a recent Forbes piece, The Rise of Global Entrepreneurs. A digital revolution […]