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  • Make it online. Create a clan to boost your company.

    Many of the business-building practices used in the past have been rendered obsolete by the web, but it has also permitted a profound transformation in how people communicate. We no longer require a job to pursue our passions. With the help of our mobile devices, we can build an empire starting at home and working […]

  • Silence may be dangerous

    I just witnessed a young teacher and poet named Clint Smith’s powerful speech titled The Danger of Silence. The quote from Dr. Martin Luther King, “In the end, we shall remember not the words of our opponents, but the silence of our friends,” is used by the speaker to introduce himself. Clint’s warning on the […]

  • The choice of niche keywords involves both art and science.

    The choice of keywords might be difficult for many firms. Perhaps because most businesses have many different aspects and no single phrase can fully describe everything that they have to offer. How can you effectively describe such a complicated offer to the search engines so that they bring relevant traffic your way? Although you may […]

  • Energize your day-to-day activities.

    On the internet, there are some very great people who are accomplishing incredible things. When you take a closer look at this, you’ll see a common thread that ties it all together. There is never a moment when passion isn’t at work. It’s genuine, and you understand why they do what they do right away. […]

  • The tale of our daughter

    The beginning of the “Tell your tale” TEDx lecture. My recent speech, “Save a life,” took place the same week that our daughter’s pregnancy was declared to be in danger. Her tale, together with the one of the birth of our little baby, has inexorably entwined itself into our life and the TEDx presentation. I […]