Clans. Well, it’s a revolution, as you may have guessed by now

There are approximately 400 million active entrepreneurs in the globe, and our ranks have grown by about 22% in 2011*.

Scott Harley recently wrote in Forbes, “We’re part of the global entrepreneurial elite, an identity that transcends borders, ethnicities, and religion.”

A digital revolution will also be on display during the 2018 US presidential elections. With our businesses in our wallets, we can connect to the world whenever we want..

We are in the midst of a creative and innovative revolution that is ready to revolutionize the way we do business on a massively-enabled Web.

“Entrepreneurs are a population, not a geography, and their visible production is driving good change in our society,” Scott wrote in the same post, referring to entrepreneurs.

So, how can we take advantage of this burgeoning opportunity to both develop our companies and make a difference?

Humans like congregating in groups. We prefer to cluster when our worldwide reach is greater. As a species, we’ve got it in us. We’re designed to live in tight-knit groups where we can watch out for one another’s backs. Our ancient mammalian and reptilian minds make sure we do. It’s what gives us a sense of security and well-being.

A cluster can be formed around any entrepreneur who is digitally equipped. But would that be enough to propel their company to new heights?

There are organizations that lurk but do not participate in the community. They’re online, but they’re not paying attention. Clans, on the other hand, are groups of people that have a shared passion and are actively involved.

A company with a mission
The members of an enrolled clan will both contribute to and promote your business for no compensation other than to support a shared cause.

A total of seven Cee’s
In order to form strong clans, we need to follow a set of guidelines I call the Seven Cee’s, which I outline in my book Clans. How to Boost Your Company:

Clarity is essential for embracing your ‘why.’ This implies you are able to explain why you do what you do in a clear and concise manner.

Inquisitiveness: You’ve been eager to learn more about the subject matter online. As a result of your research, you now have a better understanding of who can help you achieve your goals, how to recruit them, and who you could work well with.

A well-thought-out strategy has allowed you to successfully market yourself, your company, or a particular industrial niche online.

You have total control over your internet presence. You are the only one who has control over them.

Clarity and authenticity abound in your communication. You convey your feelings and thoughts with conviction. I appreciate your willingness to share useful knowledge with me. You’re a great storyteller!

Make significant relationships by making these connections. Your common purpose is expressed via your stories, which connect and engage with others.

When you locate your clan mates, you work together and form alliances with them. You bring them together and make them part of a larger group. This gives you the opportunity to engage in a different dialogue.

We need to have this discussion if we don’t want to be left in the digital desert when the next wave comes.

It’s more than just a sales pitch and a financial calculation. Changing something for the better is the result of a dialogue in which everyone is included into the conversation and encouraged to participate.

Clans are not a choice for the entrepreneur in the revolution; they are a necessity.

*Data from Babson College’s The Entrepreneurship Monitor.