Curation of content is awesome!

According to Tom Treanor’s piece, content curating has been around for a long time:.

Creating a “ultimate mixed tape” for my buddies was my first foray into content curating. To stand out as an adolescent in the late 1970s and early 1980s, I used my elder brother’s records (or the radio in certain situations) to put together the finest mix of fantastic music.

Continuing his discussion on content curation, Tom lists six tools that will make the process easier.

In addition to Pearltrees, I’d want to include.

If content curation is done correctly by website and blog owners, it may help them provide value to their readers while saving time for themselves, as Tom explains.

Learning to select material effectively will be a ‘cool’ way ahead in 2012 if you are utilizing your website to sell your service on the internet.

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