Talks with the people on my list? Simple as pie

Scenario One

Dear list,

So much has been going on that I have to tell you about it.

What? Already leaving? Please hold on. You won’t regret it.

Phew, I’m glad you stayed.

Sorry? Do I have something to sell? No I’m not selling anything. I just want to tell you something very important.

You already get too much information to handle? This is new, though.

No, I’m not selling anything.

We do have a business. And yes, we do sometimes make irresistible offers on products based solely on how much they are worth.

Yes. If you took the offer, it would cost you what it’s worth.

You can get it for less money somewhere else? The thing is, we run our business on the basis of mutual benefit.

Why do all of these things have to bother you? Good question.

We do business online this way. We give away a lot of information that is useful. We build a relationship with you based on trust and fairness, and when the time is right, we ask you to consider something of value at a fair price.

So you were right, it was all about making a sale? Well, I guess it is if you call a sale the exchange of a benefit for a cost.

But wouldn’t you say that you’ve learned some useful things along the way?

Have some of the tips we’ve given you and your business not helped? Only a little?

What about those wonderful people and things we told you about?

You don’t have time. I see.

Alright. We hope to see you again soon.

It won’t happen again? That’s terrible. Well, anyway, thanks.

DISCLAIMER: This is just a made-up story to make those who’ve had list members unsubscribe the day they asked for a sale feel better. It’s not meant to offend, get people to stop subscribing, or sell things!

But there might be a different way.

Case number two. A different conversation

Dear people

What a day, wow! First of all, I want to thank you for all the work you did for our Stay at Home project.

You’re right, man! Isn’t it great to know that another ten elderly people will be able to stay in their homes because of what you did yesterday?

They’re wonderful, aren’t they? So respectful and thankful for everything you do, even if it only takes a couple of hours.

I know, it’s amazing how much can be done when everyone in a clan works together.

Another walk in the park? These older people know how to bake for sure.

Also, we’re going to have another event soon. Our Facebook page has all the information.

We’re getting you, the builders and renovators, and the people you’ve helped stay in their homes together. And they want to do a lot of baking.

It will be a great chance for you to meet other people in your area who work in the building trades. And if you’re remodeling, it’s a great way to find a good tradesperson.

Make sure you’re there because we’ll also name the Bob & Bill’s Timber Company Tradesperson of the Month. You could be the one.

Yes, I know. We were so happy that last month’s winner got so much business that he couldn’t handle it.

There you are.

Bill and Bob

PS: Next year, we’re planning another eco-tourism trip to Indonesia to help replant trees and see the Oranguatans. Do you want to know more?

PS: Last month, our sales went up by a huge 20%. Thank you so much for saying that you like our new wood frame products.

Getting your group to work for the same thing
Bob and Bill run a Facebook page for do-it-yourself builders and renovators where people can help each other and get help. For their Stay at Home project, they get members of their clan to do a few hours of volunteer work each month. Its goal is to help older people in the area stay in their homes by taking care of basic repairs that they can no longer do on their own or pay for.

In exchange, they actively promote the businesses of local tradespeople, and their “Tradesperson of the Month” award is highly sought after because it gets a lot of attention.

They also put together eco-tourism trips to Indonesia to help reforest areas that have been destroyed by logging.

NOTE: Bob and Bill and their business making wooden window frames are also made up.
But they show us how we could have a different conversation!

Simple as pie
As I wrote about them in my new book, Clans, these two and the old people they helped stay in their homes by giving them cake became dear friends. Use the passion of people online to give your business a boost.

By laying out the 7C Plan to ClanTM, they showed how a business that isn’t usually known for building and caring for communities could do so to everyone’s benefit and to their own bottom line.

Both of their efforts to help others are a great fit for their business.

Both of these things let them talk with their clan in different ways.

There IS another thing to talk about. It’s a way that helps us in so many ways, not just financially.

When you send an email to your list, think about this: What would make them want to join your family? What could you do together to change the world and bring you closer together? How could you talk about this different thing?

It’s really not hard at all.