How do you feel about yourself?

Suppose a stranger knocks on your home and says they’ve been invited by a mutual acquaintance. Think about Google.

Would you open your home to them, serve them a drink, and listen to what they had to say?

Are you a natural networker?

Do you approach the individual who’s alone at a networking event, introduce yourself, and inquire about what they do?

Do you then mentally go over a list of people you may be able to link them with?

If this is the case, you’re a good candidate for online dating since much of your offline behavior is reflected in your online actions.

She’s a part of the DNA that enables people to connect. Using her own unique approach, she teaches how to develop online connections in her post, 17 Unique Ways to Turn Your Blog Readers into Loyal Fans

As usual, she provides clear, step-by-step instructions. Using these concepts, you may create a community based on mutual assistance and support.

If you’re consistent, a group of people who appreciate what you do and why you do it will gladly spread the word about it. I’m doing the same thing with Tea as I am now. As a result, committing to this activity online is worthwhile.

Or, you’re using the Internet to build important relationships in the same manner that you would if you were networking face-to-face. I’m sorry if this comes out as harsh, but the only other option is to just not bother