Facebook page username – WARNING!

If you have a Facebook page, you may have noticed that once you have more than 25 fans, you can now change your URL (domain name address) to a user name that is easier for visitors to remember. This is called a “Vanity URL.”

We wanted to change the Facebook address for our Inspiring Women Online page from the long one with lots of symbols and numbers to just this: https://www.facebook.com/InspiringWomenOnline

Much friendlier!

But I did something wrong, and I hope you can learn from it.

Make sure that you choose your fan page FIRST, before you pick your username. The drop-down menu is next to the box where you type in your username. I don’t know how I missed this important choice, but I did, so maybe other people will as well.

This meant that I gave my own profile the username “InspiringWomenOnline.” You can change your username once, but you can’t change your Facebook page’s url.

Since I changed my profile name, InspiringWomenOnline is no longer an option.

Just Ask Kim, which is a great resource, says that there is no way to change your page username right now. You only get one shot at it. She has told me, though, that the name might just be in limbo and that I should be patient and wait.

Still, please choose carefully and make sure the name of your page is chosen first in the drop-down box to avoid this.