There are five good reasons to get clear.

In all of these situations, your brain will have had to make a lot of decisions over a long period of time.

You’ll always be weighing risk against opportunities, whether you’re aware of it or not. That’s just the way things are.

You’ll also sort through dozens of ideas every day and daydream about the possibilities, feeling both excited and frustrated that it’s not happening right now.

You will look at your product from all sides. You’ll probably ask a lot of different suppliers for advice on business models, finances, branding, and buying a website.

And take care of the pile of paperwork that comes with all of this.

The hard work of getting clear

One thing that probably won’t be at the top of your mind is that you’re putting time and effort into getting clear. Because all this hard work in your head doesn’t always mean you’re clear.

Most likely, it throws you into a thick soup of uncertainty. As you add one thought after another, it becomes less likely that you will be able to see through the fog.

That’s what your Lizard does. The voice in your head that says it won’t work, no one will buy, and you’re going to far.

Clarity is a hard thing to find. Because you’ve been thinking so hard, it doesn’t come in a box with a bow on it. Contrary to what we might think makes sense, just trying hard to think will often make this shy animal move away even more.

It’s well known that many new businesses fail in the beginning. Research and personal experience also show that business owners are often stuck on a never-ending roller coaster of ideas, hard work, and disappointment, followed by more ideas, hard work, and disappointment.

People are stuck in a cycle of wasting time and money on this huge project. Their Lizard is bragging. Their faith is ebbing.

Clarity works and is a success in and of itself. 1. It narrows down ideas to a single, well-defined goal.

Because being clear helps us figure out exactly why and for whom we want what we want. What we want makes chemicals in our brains work, which makes us want more.

Think about your first love. When we want something, we put all of our attention on getting it. We need that if we want to do well. Super focus. We can’t have the same single goal for more than one lover. Or multiple ideas.

Clearness gets rid of Multiple Offer Disorder (MOD)

If you’ve been doing something for a long time, you’ve gotten better at it and learned new things.

There will always be more than one way to put that value together and sell it in your market. Too often, people want to put all versions on the market. If one offer covers that part of the market, there’s no reason why all the offers wouldn’t cover an even bigger market.

This will be on most websites. There are so many options that people want to turn on their heels and click the hell out of there.

When I’m helping people clear their fog, the Lizard often shows up just as we’re getting close to a well-niched and structured core offer that fits well with their stated intention and stated purpose.

“What about this other work I’m so good at?” You can almost see its ugly head hissing fear into the ear of the person who owns it.

The way clarity works is this. When you know what you want, why you want it, and why you do what you do, you have the energy and dedication to bring a clearly defined solution to market that will make the right people happy. Those who need what you have to offer the most. They’ll be glad you did it. They’ll be part of your group.

You don’t need to stop learning other things. You can bring them into the fight in the first place. Later, when you’ve captured your market well, it will be up to you to decide if you want to add more to your offer or do more of what you’re already doing well to reach more people.

3. Your position depends on how clear you are.

You, your business, your product, or your niche in your industry? That’s how you run your business. Each is in charge of a different area and has a different goal. In my book, Get It Right Online, I have a whole chapter about this. Here it is: CLARITY GIRO-edition2-read

4. Clarity brings together

You’re at an event for meeting people. Someone asks what you do for a living.

Like a peacock, you spread out your wonderful story of wisdom and experience. You show them how you can make their life, business, health, wealth, risk, home, and kids better in many ways. You hit them with all the knowledge, passion, beliefs, and wants you’ve gathered over the years.

Because if you don’t understand, how else can you take advantage of this chance? As soon as you say the second acronym, they’re done. You’ve already lost them.

It’s the same online.

When you know what to say, you can say it in one line. People want to know more after reading it. If they don’t need what you have to offer, they know how to spread the word. Because it’s clear, simple, and real. They understand why you do what you do.

5. Clarity makes the noise go away

All of this thinking makes so much noise. When you add in the Lizard’s hiss, it’s no wonder that you often wake up in the early morning with your brain buzzing.

When you’re clear, the noise goes away. The Lizard stops talking. It lets you focus on the next logical step you need to take to keep building your work, block by block.

This is true for every part of your business. Take blogging for example. When you know why you do what you do and who you do it for, blogging is no longer random. It’s an exercise in building blocks that keeps building on why you do what you do and for whom.