Make it online. Create a clan to boost your company.

Many of the business-building practices used in the past have been rendered obsolete by the web, but it has also permitted a profound transformation in how people communicate.

We no longer require a job to pursue our passions. With the help of our mobile devices, we can build an empire starting at home and working our way out. Words like “caring,” “developing trust,” and “forming connections” are now used to define commercial success.

We actively look for people we can share our most priceless intellectual property with. We have evolved into content producers, and a new vocabulary has been created to define what we do: we pin, tweet, like, link, share, leverage, repurpose, podcast, audio, and productize it.

Given these observations, here are five online best practices that a business owner should avoid ignoring at all costs.

FACT 1 Blogging enables you to locate, engage, and cater to your best clients by positioning you as an influencer in your field.

FACT 2 Your most effective sales force is a community that understands and appreciates what you do.

FACT 3 Storytelling with a purpose that combines compassion and intention fosters community.

FACT 4 These are two of the most effective and practical ways to give your life and business a boost.

FACT 5 When your company’s mission and the needs of your neighborhood are precisely in line, it may improve, even save, lives.

Sandra is aware that this is the way business must be done in the modern world and that anybody with compassion and good intentions can identify, create, and energize magnetic clans via the Internet.