Internet marketing strategy: donation

The three day conference I attended this weekend covered more than just why and how to blog as an online marketing approach. But everything we discovered was really useful.

James Schramko, an online marketer from Australia, organized the seminar. Although he describes himself as a generalist in internet marketing, he is actually a very well-known leader in the industry on a global scale.

High content delivery and little pitching was one of Jame’s requirements for speakers at the course, and the presenters were all authorities in their fields, which from the perspective of a participant was pure gold.

I’ll be sharing with you the main lessons gained over the next several weeks as I remember them and can use them to support why you should write.

Giving was one of the main themes that virtually all of the presenters touched on. This is the feature of the internet world, and blogging in particular, that is most enticing to businesses.

The focus is on giving. Sharing rather than stealing, selling, or pocketing. What a breath of fresh air! Of course, it would be foolish to suggest that a transaction won’t occur at some time. When it happens, it will be due to the fact that you are offering something from a place of trust.

When reviewing different online marketing tactics, including how to blog, the presenter, genuine internet entrepreneur and inventor of the 30 Day Challenge, Ed Dale, remarked that nobody ever went bankrupt by giving free knowledge.

James Schramko is on the left, Kenny Goodman is on the right, and Ed is in the center. October 10, 2010

That takes us full round to blogging.

Leaders in the field—those who consistently post the most content—are who it is. Dale, Ed

Blogging provides, informs, and educates when it is done with passion, competence, and conviction. Never before has producing high-quality content been so easy! I’m excited to explain how in the upcoming weeks.