Social networking is a ranking factor on Google

If you were still considering using social media into your company’s marketing strategy, stop playing around!

Google said last year that it will factor on social network popularity when developing its algorithms.

With the launch of Google+, that change in how search results will reflect what Michelle McPherson refers to as “social signals” is already under way and picking up speed.

Michelle is a well-known commenter on social media. She describes how social media popularity is evolving into a significant ranking element in her video from February 2011.

Her claim that your work would now need to withstand close inspection on social media is notable.

In other words, it must be material that your connections, fans, and followers desire to share.

Do you still recall Yvonne saying that your blog is the cornerstone of your social media strategy?

introduction of Google+
With the launch of Google+, Google is making it very apparent that your material, as well as how it is handled in your social media networks, will directly impact both your author authority and ranking.

I wish I could write a comprehensive article on using Google+.

But for the time being, we must wait until Google extends an invitation to the rest of us that is comparable to the one it currently extends solely to the Googliterati.

If you’re very motivated, you may look about, as I have, for members of the inner circle who are open to inviting you in if you like them in return.

I’m hoping to join the “inside circle” in the coming week or so so that I can report on what this new social media player can accomplish for your company and how to utilize it most effectively.

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