When it comes to building an online community, here is an example of what you can do

How can I be of assistance to you? Those words got my attention: “My network is your network.” In the context of building a community online, this was an excellent sentiment.

After scrolling through tens of subscription emails, I clicked this one since it didn’t have a recognized name.

In addition to being a member of Women’s Network Australia, Geoff Kirkwood was also a friend of mine. WNA has always allowed males to join, and why not? Men and women do business together.

In response to my message, Geoff stated he would phone me in two weeks after the floodwaters in Queensland, where he resides, had gone.

He phoned me this morning. We enjoyed a nice, cordial talk as if we had known one other for years. “Knit a square” and “Why You Must Blog” were among the topics I spoke with him throughout our conversation; he seemed interested in the latter topic.

Exactly like him. It turned out that he was the only owner of the whole Australian BNI. Impressive, to say the least. Now he is a partner in an internet joint venture that aids companies in their online marketing efforts. Many opportunities for collaboration and learning about how to build online communities may be found in this article.

What’s fascinating about this narrative is how well it fits in with the growing view that company culture has fundamentally changed. It’s all about putting the customer first, providing value, and fostering long-term partnerships. It’s not a question of how much I can get you for your money, how fast I can get it to you, or what I can sell you.

When Geoff offered to assist, I accepted. It’s always been a goal of mine to perform in front of an audience.

Why not use the power of social media to spread the news about our mission, which is to protect and care for African children who have been orphaned by HIV AIDS?

When I approached him, I asked him if he’d be so kind as to provide some advice in his role as a member of the Australian National Speakers Association. He stated he’d be happy to, and we all agreed that was the truth.

Another road to go on…. The 27th day of the year 2011 has come and gone. How about I set a goal for myself to give my first public speech by June 30th, 2011, and document the steps I take to get there with you?

Our Inspiring Women Online Webinar Series (beginning on February 23 at 7 p.m. – Australian time) and our NewU Seminar series (which begins in Shepparton on February 26) will give me a lot of practice.