How Easy Is It To Write Blog Posts?

Yesterday was a grueling day. 140 ladies, 18 trade booths, bags full of promotional material and trader’s gifts, a lot of food, and a lot of raffle prizes for charity during the annual Women’s NetWork Australia Christmas lunch in Melbourne, Australia.

Despite the merry mayhem, there were a few heated discussions. What was the most often asked question regarding blogging?

Yaro Starak, an experienced blogger located in Australia but with a worldwide following, contacted me this morning. As he pointed out, among the most popular reasons for not blogging were:

“Why would anybody want to read what I’ve written?” The reason I don’t write a blog is because I don’t have enough to say.

In the face of so many excellent blogs on the same topic, why would anybody want to read mine?

You can’t expect anybody else to read your blog if you don’t put out new content regularly.” As a result, if you don’t take your blog seriously, you won’t be able to come up with fresh ideas to write about.”

It’s a good point. When it comes to some, it’s not how little they have to say that’s a problem, but rather how many topics they have to cover. Rome wasn’t constructed in a day to that, in my opinion. It’s unrealistic to think that starting a blog and seeing results right now is realistic.

The addition of content must be planned, but this should not come at the expense of natural content generation.

As a result, you need to spend some time establishing your categories in order to ensure that your blog posts are well-structured. In order to provide your visitors with a worthwhile experience, it is imperative that you design useful categories for them to browse through.

This blog is still in its infancy. Only a smear of material is accessible at this time, compared to the site’s eventual depth and breadth of knowledge in three years. That frustrates me because I know it, but my readers don’t.

Besides the three things Yaro asked, I’d add this as a possible reason why individuals quit writing. They have so much to write about that it’s overwhelming, and if they don’t exercise some control over their writing, the information will become disjointed and confusing for both them and their readers.

Try to visualize what your blog will look like in three years if you simply keep adding amazing material week after week to each of your site’s many sections.