How to start loving your business blog

We’ll start with you. Excuse me if I make some assumptions here. As a business owner, you’re in charge of your own marketing, right?

Since you’re an entrepreneur, it’s likely that you saw a way to solve a problem that no one else had ever thought of and that fit with your skills.

You got the idea at some point that you needed to write a blog. So far, so good?

Now, blog fans, I’m going to take a page from Derek Halpern’s blog and not write for people who already blog. But if you stick around, I might have one or two surprises for you.

I’m really writing to you, the business owner who doesn’t like blogging yet. And for those of you who have started a relationship but are now in a tangled mess of an affair. Let’s try to figure it out.

The Play Date
You gave this your all, didn’t you? I thought, I need to blog RIGHT NOW. Or, the best friend of the son of your sister’s best friend runs a website business out of his garage and has offered to make you a blog for nothing. As he was building it, you thought you might choose a cool name like

So you’ve made a few random posts about your favorite widget, but the relationship is already over. No purpose, no research, no control. It was never going to be more than a one-night stand, and now you’re stuck with a dirty reminder.

The fearful of commitment person
You had chosen to start a blog. You even got help from someone else to get it set up right. At first, you were really excited, but now your blog is up and sitting there like a lonely date by the phone, waiting for you. You just can’t bring yourself to follow through.

You know it’s attractive and that being in a long-term relationship will be good for you, but it seems like so much work. Is it necessary? how much? What’s in it for me, really?

The Lover Who Was Busy
The relationship is set up, but the love didn’t last long. You’re present, but missing. Doing what needs to be done, but really on a beach with palm trees and someone else, sipping a cocktail.

These posts about duty are just empty words. “I told you I loved you, didn’t I?” are empty words that are just another way to lie.

The Selfish One
This probably made you even more determined to prove that you are the best, didn’t it? You spent a lot of money to make it look nice and shiny. Your sincerity shines through the words on the page. There are gadgets, bows, and pretty songs, and everything pops and pings because you love it all so much.

Content? What’s the story? You did a great interview with so-and-so last year, and there are a lot of great links to other collectibles. Oh, and a few interesting pieces of writing that make you think that you love and admire.

It is foam. This love story is pointless and has no substance. Like a frilly poodle, this will only ever be interesting to someone who looks into the mirror-like surface of a lake and sees stars. You.

The Mix-and-Match Family
You started a blog and a business. You worked hard and thought about things, and those qualities grew over time. As they got older, they changed, and all of a sudden, your true purpose stood out like a lighthouse in a storm. You kept going for a while, trying to blend your old business with your new goal in a creative way. As can happen in mixed-family situations, it got a little messy.

You might run both, start over, or slowly switch from one to the other, but you might have a clearer plan for your new blog than you did for your old one. Who, by the way, you still really like a lot. Right now, I’m in this relationship.

The Guy Who Is Smart
Very hardworking, sincere, and deadly serious. Deadly dull. Needs a personality transplant badly. We readers are real people. People are drawn to other people they can understand and who have qualities they value. Intelligence, yes, but also a sense of humor, a willingness to show weakness, and an ability to understand. Even if the content is very informative, it’s not a blog if it’s just information. Who has ever fallen in love with a book of lessons?

The Ideal Wedding
How do you fall in love with your business blog and get married to it? To have a loving, long-lasting relationship with your blog, you need to take seven clear steps.

1. Know what you want to do.
Why do you do what you do, who do you serve, and what do you want to happen in the long run? If you don’t have a clear goal, you won’t be able to attract and keep people who might learn to love what you do.

2. Find out what you can. Be interested.
Who is looking for exactly what you can give them? Imagine that they find a post you wrote that answers the exact question they asked Google. Will they come to you because of this? Will they come back again to see you? Even more so if you keep doing the same things? Who else has similar values to you? Find them, get in touch with them, reach out to them, and make a friend. How can they help your neighborhood?

If you want to learn how to do your own keyword research, read the section called “Curiosity” in my book Get It Right Online. Or you can watch this video on how to do basic keyword research. Or find someone who can teach you. Only hire someone else to do it if you know how to do it yourself. An outsourcer won’t be able to pick up on the subtleties of connection that you will. When you’ve found the best keywords to describe what you offer, put them into a Google Alert.

3. Plan.
A site that makes sense is easy to use because its structure makes sense and is based on research. This means that the site’s content also makes sense and is logical. This relationship is self-aware. It has asked for what it needs to ask for. It can be fun and impromptu, but nothing sticks out or seems out of place. Everything fits together well. It’s easier to say than to do, but who said a good marriage wasn’t hard work?

4. Own your space online.
Imagine that you own a car, but the keys are with someone else. It’s the same as having a website that you don’t own or run. You need to be in charge of your website and be responsible for all your social media and website logins. A site that is well put together is a long-term partner, and what you build together is an asset.

Sign up for the free Clans chapter at the top of the site if you want to know exactly how to build your own WordPress site. The bonus is a 125-page book with pictures that shows you how to do things. I want you to get it right from the start.

5. Communicate.
We’ve finally reached the point where you can start to love your blog. Because you can’t help but be passionate about blogging if you’ve done all the other things right. You’re clear on what you have to offer and who you’re talking to about it. You’re here for a reason, so your goal is to help. That makes you, your blog, and the people who read it love each other even more.

6. Connect.
You can now connect in a deep way. Fuel, feed, and care for. All of this is possible because of how well your blog is set up. How could you not like it because of that? You can share helpful information that is relevant to your readers, make offers related to that information, challenge them and help them build a sense of community, and introduce them to other experts and interesting resources. What a great find!

Several Carnival players are perfect examples of this in everything they do. Follow them and find out what they know. You can start by reading their posts on All You Need is Love from this month.

7. Collaborate.
You are in love! Don’t you want to tell everyone about it? Your blog is the main thing you do to build a community around your business. Your enthusiasm is contagious, and people want a piece of it. Soon, people will be interested in what you’re doing and want to join you. Now you have the chance to make a difference with your blog. You can talk to the people you’ve made a real connection with about your purpose and the causes that go along with it.

You can listen to their story here to learn more about how Bob and Bill, the Window Frame Tradesmen, did this. Or Get It Right Online tells this story and a lot of others.

Your business blog and you. Your bestie. If you learn to love it, it will pay you back 100 times over.