How to keep track of your subscribers and construct a list

Is this subject making you nauseous?
As a small company owner, managing subscribers and building a mailing list without an army of outsourcers or a parallel existence in terms of time is a hard and time-consuming task for many of us.

However, if done correctly and regularly, it is a crucial part of establishing our corporate communities.

Maintain a database of customers
It’s easy to neglect how to handle subscriptions while discussing this complex subject. Our lists have grown over time and in a number of ways, on a variety of platforms, and we’ve done this for many years.

members of the offline networking community who have consented to join our mailing list our RSS subscribers, and those who have received our free ebooks, white papers, and reports

– members of our LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter communities; &

– customers who buy our goods.

What are the best practices for communicating with the various subsets of your database? Yes, if that’s the case

Doing the same thing twice
Sending the same message to the same individual more than once through any of the above, even if they are on different lists, is a major cause for worry.

As a society, we’re all struggling with information overload, and many people are wary of hearing the same message more than once. If you want to foster a sense of community, you shouldn’t be bothering people’s schedules.

Inspiring Words from the Word Carnival
My attempts to develop an online community have been stifled by this problem. The fantastic worldwide contributors to The Word Carnival have inspired several amazing ideas that have the potential to produce a flurry of activity, so I’ve chosen to devote the effort to straighten this out. The RH column has a new booklet, Collected Wisdoms: How to Find and Connect With Your Ideal Client, which you can get for free while you’re here.

It hasn’t been as straightforward as I thought it would be to mirror the process of maintaining subscribers and generating a list from knit-a-square. To begin with, those who join Knit-a-Square are doing it for a good cause. Because they’re so fond of free knitting designs, it’s not hard to turn them into subscribers everywhere they appear on the web.

However, this is not the case in the small company, internet marketing, and blogging communities.. You must be able to consistently and promptly produce relevant and valuable content if you want to stand out from the crowd and turn your list into a dedicated community of followers. Harder said than done.

Keeping a record of the actions taken
In this series of postings, I’m going to detail the efforts I’ve taken, both achievements and failures, to combine my subscribers into a single list and begin the process of building a community online.

Even though it’s complicated, I hope we can all learn from one other and work out any kinks in our email marketing and list-building strategies along the road.