If you want to establish a blog, what is the best option? A brand’s URL

Starting a business blog and getting beyond the first obstacle.
Choosing a domain name is generally the first obstacle when beginning a blog with the idea of turning it into a company. It’s aggravating and perplexing at the same time. The worst-case scenario is that you start your firm only to find out later that you chose the incorrect domain name. It’s worth taking a closer look at this option first: brand domain or exact match?

An exact match domain is a domain name that is identical to the search term.
First, let’s look at how exact, phrase, and wide match keywords are used in keyword research…. How many individuals are looking for “alternative health” without any other phrases and in the precise order?

You can see how many people are looking for the term “alternative health” in the exact sequence you specified, as well as how many people are searching inside a phrase that includes the keywords you specified. As an example, consider the following: Supplementary health care Alternate methods of health care Health care professional who practices alternative medicine

resort with a wide range of health and beauty treatments

Similar phrases and even relevant versions of the search term will be shown in search engine results when using broad match, with the keyword provided in any word order and extra words included. In other words, a search for “alternative health” may turn up: Supplementary health care Remedies from the realm of alternative medicine You may use alternative medicine to treat your health problems. Alternative methods of therapy and your overall health

a luxurious health spa offering complementary therapies

It’s very uncommon for the amount of searches for the three options to vary significantly, with fewer people using precise and more using wide. Your site’s long-term traffic potential may be gauged by looking at the amount of wide match searches. This is essential to make sure that your time and work is well-spent on your website concept.

We’re back to domain names that exactly match what you entered.
Domain names with exact match keywords are known as “exact match” domain names. Words like news, information, and today are examples of modifiers that may be used in place of the exact match keyword. For alternative health, ‘Alternativehealth.com’ would be the best exact match term (.org. net etc). ‘alternativehealthnews.com’ or ‘alternativehealthtoday.com’ might be used as a modifier.

You may have been advised to choose an exact match keyword in your niche, but this is no longer the case. However, finding one is becoming more difficult these days.

As you can see in the March 2011 video below of Google’s Matt Cutts discussing the topic, it seems that Google is now willing to make changes to their algorithms in order not to penalize strong content websites in a niche because they lack an exact match keyword domain.

Does this information assist you make a domain name purchase decision? These questions need to be asked first. Is this site going to be a long-term investment in your company’s time and resources? Is it your goal to get to the position of authority? Are there potential brand names for your service or product? 4. Who are the people who will be reading this? As a whole, or do they originate from a certain segment of the population??? What do you have to offer? Is it a specific kind of service or product, or does it cover a wide range?

Would it be possible to make use of an existing website that has a domain name associated with it?

Having the answers to these questions will help you decide if trying to obtain an exact match domain name is more crucial or whether you can afford to select a name that will become its own brand.

What is a domain name for a brand?
The term “branding” refers to the process through which a name becomes synonymous with a product or service over a long period of time. Doing terms such as “to Google anything” or “to sweep the carpet” have become commonplace because of the prevalence of certain companies.

Unlike a generic domain name, a brand domain name may or may not include any keywords at all, depending on the context. Despite this, it is well recognized and ranks highly on search engine results pages.. Brand domain names aren’t always descriptive of the product or service they represent. Well-known examples include Amazon, Google, and Yahoo.com.

Significant exposure is the key concept here. To become a brand name, a website must have provided enough value to its target audience over time. It is likely to score highly in the search engines if it does this. A domain name becomes a brand when it is used in combination with other online and off-line activities.

Kristi Hines’ website and Ann Smarty’s, SEO smarty, are two excellent instances of domains that have blossomed into their own brands in relevant internet marketing industries. Since SEO smarty does not include SEO in its domain name, those who are looking for SEO advice would not use Ann’s site. However, judging by the large number of comments both sites get, both have built a sizable following and generate a considerable lot of interaction.

Websites such as Knit A Square are further examples of this trend. This website’s core target is knitters who are donating their time and effort to help orphaned and vulnerable children in South Africa affected by HIV/AIDS. After a few years, knit a square became a brand, and a Google search for the phrase ‘knit a square’ returns 21,800,000 results. Almost all of the results for this query appear on the first page of search results.

Which option is the best one?
Do you want to establish yourself as a thought leader in your field? Do you wish to speak to a wide range of people? Are you willing to put in a lot of time and effort? This means that an exact match domain name becomes less crucial. Not a waste of time, but not as crucial as it used to be. An exact match keyword domain is ideal, but not necessary, if you want to rank rapidly for a highly focused product or service.

When deciding to create a company blog, it might be difficult to know what to do. The correct domain name will come through if you answer the questions and devote a sufficient amount of time to keyword research.

Using the Google free keyword research tool, you may learn more about how to do basic keyword research.

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