Search and peck?

Do you go out and hunt? Prior to checking “A” off the list, hunting and pecking may be undermining your goal-setting.

Albumize your photographs. Do you consider that to be only a basic “to do” item?

In her enlightening guest piece on The Word Chef, Carol Lynn Rivera explains why the brain turns its proverbial toes up when faced with a “to do” item like this.

Since there are only a few months left till Christmas, all company owners should read this to ensure that they meet their goals and objectives for 2013.

While you are reading it, you might want to add developing your business community to your list of objectives. Come to a Build-a-clan exploration session to examine where you are right now and where you want to go by the end of 2013.

They are private get-togethers for like-minded company owners to discuss the difficulties and possibilities of creating a support network for their enterprise. Details are provided here. Until then, bye.