How to knit a square and why you should blog

Have you ever stood on a cliff’s edge?

It’s hard to stay still and quiet, gather your thoughts, and focus on something. To act. You remind me of a crazy marionette.

Anyone who has completely changed their lives, taken on a huge learning curve, thrown themselves into the ring, pursued a big idea, or felt emotionally, physically, or financially insecure for a long time may have had a similar experience.

We did much better than we thought we would, and this program and our charity, KasCare, took over our lives. It also showed, without a doubt, the amazing power of connecting online and building a community. These people, who are empowered by this simple strategy, love knowing that they are making a difference in the lives of thousands of these children.

We quit working in our business, closed it down, and sold it for a small amount of money. We sold a property we had bought as an investment so we could pay for the work we were doing for KasCare. And then, one day, we were standing on the edge of a cliff. I couldn’t think. Well, to be honest, I think fear stopped me.

We didn’t make the best choice when we joined KasCare from a financial point of view. It was great on an emotional level. We were no longer excited about our first business, but we couldn’t wait to get up and do this work.

But we had a mortgage and had to keep paying our bills. We did though, just like the scared rabbit caught in the headlights. Everything slowed down to a stop. We couldn’t decide what to do. We first went in one direction and then the other. This happened several times a day and often during short conversations. We were pulled into a vortex, which drained our energy and attention and left us with no ideas at all.

It was really bad. Now, why do I want to tell you all this? Well, Why You Must Blog came out of this mess. But for a while, I still didn’t understand much. Then, two things happened not long ago.

One I’ve already written about on my blog. I recently went to The Women’s Insurance Network to talk about Why You Must Blog, but I ended up talking for a long time and with a lot of passion about KasCare. There is so much to say about KAS that it is EASY to talk about. People were friendly and interested. On the way home, I had a sudden idea. Why did I choose to do different things for Why You Must Blog, KasCare, and its Knit-a-Square program? I couldn’t figure out why.

Then, at the Women’s Network Christmas Lunch, I met Margaret Hiatt. We got coffee outside. Margaret used to work as a bank manager, but now she is a life coach and stylist. We barely knew each other, but we decided right then to start a series of one-day seminars based on our personal stories and combining life coaching with connecting online.

There was the connection. By putting our skills and personal stories together, we have a lot to offer.

For me, it would let me tell the KasCare story. These poor, sick, orphaned, or abandoned children have had a terrible start to their lives. What doors can we open by teaching people how to start a grassroots online community? Can we give other people the power to change things, even if it starts with them?

Both of us are very happy. We really hope that the women we’ve met will keep an eye on this and help us with our plans. I’m looking forward to keeping you updated as things happen. After all, it’s perfect for blogging!