Whoa. New Year’s Eve is just around the corner. Again!

The majority of business people see this as a cue to get their planning and goal-setting wheels in motion.

Those new year endorphins may make seemingly easy goals (including rebuilding a website, rebranding, increasing revenue, acquiring new customers, and becoming an expert in social media) seem insurmountable until reality sets in, so it’s important to be realistic when setting goals.

Reviewing your plan, you’ll see that some of your objectives are straightforward. If you want your life and company to continue to grow, you may have to put in more time and effort than necessary.

Goal management is a topic on which several experts have written extensively. “Productivity, Getting You Sh*t Done” by the Word Carnival bloggers, which you can download here, is full of excellent tips.

Samuel Junghenn, my internet marketing coach, has given me a few tweaks to this advise, but the most of it comes from him.

Set three-month milestones for each of your objectives.

2. Break down the goals into monthly goals that can be accomplished.

Once you’ve done that, split each chunk down into its weekly activities.

– Who do I need to meet/engage to assist me in achieving this – What do I need to study to get there (book, video, webinar, course, etc.) – – For each chunk, ask and document the following: What must I begin or quit doing in order to go forward?

In order to help the process along, what should I do next?

4. Ensure that you enjoy yourself while doing it.

For example, this is similar to defining an aim (the big picture), devising a strategy for achieving it, and then identifying the tactics for each plan.

A long, slow, and steady effort.

My personal aim for 2012 is to run 5 kilometers (in one stretch!) before my 60th birthday without getting injured. Why? As a result, I expect to gain strength and stamina, which will give me the energy I need to achieve all of my objectives.

Best wishes for a prosperous new year as you pursue your personal and professional ambitions.

If you have a goal for the year, please share it with us so that we can all work together to achieve it.