Part 3: Keeping track of subscribers and establishing a mailing list

Ten days ago, I outlined the planned aims for how to manage you, my subscribers, and grow my list to the ambitious target of 1,000. Since then, you’ve been on my mind a lot.

What could I possibly do for you and your company that would genuinely benefit you? What might convince you that it was worthwhile to do so? How could I set this out from the tens of thousands of other sincere voices online who are all giving up valuable business advise and knowledge?

What are you able to do?
There is no assurance that you will have the time to put advise into practice, even when it may resonate and significantly improve your bottom line.

Productivity is this week’s Word Carnival theme. The answer to this riddle, How to get your done, was rather apparent.

We have too many things we want to accomplish, not enough time, not enough concentration, too much knowledge, and not enough action. Even the incredible wealth of advice provided by the honorable bloggers at the carnival to address this took too much time to choose, reject, comprehend, act upon, and execute.

If it’s occurring to us, the company’s suppliers, then it probably also happens to our customers. When one side is time-constrained, it’s bad enough, but when both parties experience this issue, decisive action is compromised. How frequently have you needed your customer to make a decision so you could go forward?

I most definitely do not want to add to your already heavy information load!

The gem industry and the Internet
The Internet is comparable to a jewelry market. too many confusing options

After thinking about this for the past ten days, I questioned what I had required over the first four years of this extensive online learning curve to enable me to make the best decision possible. I frequently didn’t, which had some really bad consequences in terms of lost time and money as well as products and suppliers.

I had been looking for answers from reliable sources, all in one spot. a resource library that is simple to search

a brief analysis or suggestion for a service, either free or compensated.

Without having to go through the blather on either side, a summary of what was on offer. Not all information products contain waffle, but frequently the solution is buried somewhere in the middle of a page or in the latter quarter of a webinar, and you have to slog through other “crap” to get it.

Exists such a resource? Of course, there are forums and countless blogs, but a single, tidy, straightforward resource like this one? That I can find, no.

Now for the following query. Have I have enough time to handle this? Would it be beneficial to both you and I? Well, I believe it will if it becomes a resource for the community.

At first, it doesn’t resolve the issues with managing subscribers and growing your list that were raised in Parts 1 and 2.

Like so many other problems in life, the answer is typically more than a dozen steps away from the initial issue and is rarely in a straight line.

I’ll give this some more thought, hear your opinions, and then, once the choice is more apparent, I’ll return to How to Manage Subscribers and Build Your List.

Things I have to do in the interim. Restore the Facebook Like button to the homepage and invite everyone to join Inspiring Women Online.

Done. Please “like” my Facebook page. I’m looking forward to speaking with you on Inspiring Women Online.

Your opinions on this subject will amaze me. Please share your thoughts with me.