Getting the cream out of the milky whey.

You’ve never heard of the science of quirks? What is the most important part of being an entrepreneur, the thing that tells the cream from the whey?

By the time you’ve read and understood these 12 accounts of Quirkology and the other “weird bits” that make up a unique brand of one, you’ll either be on the hunt for it or thrilled to find that you have it in spades.

Here’s what makes Quirkology, with all its twists, turns, and odd characteristics, work. It’s the most important thing about it. The one with the most water.

The big picture for quirkologists is a truth that can’t be changed. They know this truth very clearly and precisely. They can keep going back to that bucket, and no matter how they choose to show it, they’ll always say the same unique thing about why they do what they do and who they do it for.

Does that seem easy? Try this work out. I’m so-and-so, I work for such-and-such, and I do such-and-such. I think that…. (insert purpose statement here). Does it go smoothly, or are you stuck in the Offer Coffer? That’s a very big, dirty trunk full of all the things you probably know a lot about. The milkmaid, the dairy factory, and maybe even the cows who milk the milk could use it.

These business owners have a very clear view of the big picture. They are people with a goal. Their big picture rarely includes making a lot of money, unless doing so helps them help other people. The things they need to make sure they can run their businesses and live the way they want to live are a given.

Ego is not part of their big picture, either. No one will say, “I think I’m the best.” You will hear, “I think there’s never been a better time for every entrepreneur to separate themselves from the rest, be the cream, and make a difference with why they do what they do.” Clearly different.

Entrepreneurs who are interested in quirkology are ready to take on “strange and unexpected traits.” They are very open to new ideas. They’ll compare an idea to their “Big Picture,” and if it fits, they’ll put on the hat. Think of Richard Branson putting out Virgin Brides by wearing a wedding dress. Even though we’re not all Richard Branson, every time we post something online, it’s the same thing.

So, now I’ll tell you why you should blog. Of course. Quirkologists blog. They talk with a lot of passion. They only know how to speak in their own voice. It’s true, real, and full of passion. They aren’t afraid to share their intellectual property, are happy to be looked at and given feedback, and are supportive of others who want to take their place. They make up stories.

A man I met recently at a business lunch said, “I wouldn’t blog about how, why, or what I do because people might steal my ideas.” What a sad, cruel life he had to live.

Quirkologists aren’t bad people. They want to share what they’ve learned with everyone, and they do so in a big way. They know what makes a difference and how to do it. They also know the value of what they do best, price it right, and people are happy to pay for it.