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  • Brene Brown, the Merciful

    As people rush through a single set of double doors to get to one of 80 circular tables in a massive ballroom, the din comes dangerously close to erupting into chaos. Once everyone is seated, the excitement builds above the din of conversation and the clinking of silverware and china. Dr. Brown, a University of […]

  • A blog or website is a place where one may post a story.

    However, I would argue that, despite their differences, they both have a place in the world. My fellow Carnies are all excellent storytellers and I would add, at the risk of sounding inflammatory, that narrative has a part in blogs but blogging doesn’t have a role in stories and if it does, then it’s blogging. […]

  • Using the Google Keyword Tool and Suggesting Keywords

    Use Google and the Google Keyword tool to begin your keyword research in this video. The results aren’t conclusive, but they’re a great place to start. You can read the full article on keyword selection here.

  • How do you feel about yourself?

    Suppose a stranger knocks on your home and says they’ve been invited by a mutual acquaintance. Think about Google. Would you open your home to them, serve them a drink, and listen to what they had to say? Are you a natural networker? Do you approach the individual who’s alone at a networking event, introduce […]

  • Welcome code for the Facebook page

    The video below shows you how to write a welcoming message for your Facebook profile. The code for this Facebook page’s Welcome page may be found here. If you need to modify the picture or website urls, or both, I’ve bolded the relevant spots on the template. This website or Photoshop may be used to […]