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  • Blogging and an Owen Meany moment

    They appeared to me to be beckoning an ignorant and maybe inebriated youngster going home in the dark to seriously hurt themselves. I waited until no one was looking before turning the shards upside down and burying them in the grass one morning, plagued by this vision. Another one of my Owen Meany moments, I […]

  • Buckle up. It’s the best ride you’ve ever had.

    Business. It goes up and down like a cork in the middle of a storm. You say, “There’s too much business” one day. “No matter what I do today, I know that the small peak of work I reached today will be topped by another tomorrow and the day after that.” The next day, he […]

  • Passion

    Passion is the magic that makes work fun and turns pain into joy. Passion is success waiting to happen, not because it can, but because it must. Passion is the key to successful blogging. Whether it’s your business, your job, or your hobby, it has to be. If you can say yes to any of […]

  • Researching keywords is a critical step in launching a business blog.

    Given the recent collaboration between Bing and Facebook and Google’s responses, it’s possible that the manner in which search engine results are presented is going to undergo a radical change. Web 2.0 may soon be a thing of the past, and online marketing strategies may change. However, until this is proven, people interested in starting […]

  • Let’s go back to the beginning and get started!

    Online, a week might feel like an eon. So many people jammed so much into so little time. What would have required scribes decades to think of, write down, and publish just takes a blink now. Wearing two hats is ineffective for everyone, which is the premise behind Inspiring Women Online. Additionally, I had on […]