Tag: Sales

  • I absolutely abhor sales.

    As a company owner, how many times have you heard the phrase “I love what I do but hate selling it?” It appears to be a gut reaction to putting a value on something they care about and then having to ask for it. For small businesses, “sales” is a relatively new concept. The term […]

  • You know, it’s a revolution.

    In 2011, the number of people starting their own businesses climbed by about 22%*, making us a global population of over 400 million people. “We’re part of the global entrepreneurial elite, an identity that transcends borders, ethnicities, and religion,” Scott Harley said in a recent Forbes piece, The Rise of Global Entrepreneurs. A digital revolution […]

  • Why you should blog makes much more sense if it costs $80 billion

    When the news says that the Internet is worth as much as Australia’s iron ore exports, it makes a lot of sense to know how to blog for money. This week, Australian news media jumped on a report that was paid for by Google Australia and done by Deloitte Access Economics, a well-known economics research […]

  • Passion

    Passion is the magic that makes work fun and turns pain into joy. Passion is success waiting to happen, not because it can, but because it must. Passion is the key to successful blogging. Whether it’s your business, your job, or your hobby, it has to be. If you can say yes to any of […]

  • Researching keywords is a critical step in launching a business blog.

    Given the recent collaboration between Bing and Facebook and Google’s responses, it’s possible that the manner in which search engine results are presented is going to undergo a radical change. Web 2.0 may soon be a thing of the past, and online marketing strategies may change. However, until this is proven, people interested in starting […]