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  • 5 reasons to start a blog

    Blogging changes the game. If you have a business, these five reasons should be enough to convince you that you should be blogging. If not, though, why not? Or, if you already blog, how can you improve? Why you’re famous As a business owner, you’ve put a lot of time and money into learning and […]

  • A list of three, a large picture, percentages, and a steel back describe productivity.

    Work in lists of three, develop a spine of steel, fall in love with percentages, make a serious big picture plan, and your productivity is taken care of! According to the 2007 OECD chart, the rest of the world significantly lagged behind Luxembourg in terms of national levels of productivity as measured by important metrics […]

  • Building an online community requires these three elements.

    Because of recent collaborations between Bing and social networks like Facebook, the phrase “Web 2.0” may be a thing of the past, and how to sell on the Internet may be poised to undergo a drastic shift. However, keyword research and work will still go a long way toward creating your online community until this […]

  • Is it possible to have good business relationships?

    Is it contradictory to receive payment for a good or service and to be in a “state of connection”? Despite all the pretense, the idea of corporate connections is a fake one that hides an unrelenting search for money. That is a rather pessimistic viewpoint, dear reader (and possible business partner). one that portrays a […]

  • Give it away and ask for a sale in a nice way

    But first, I want to look at your scars. At a recent Women’s Network Australian luncheon, De Backman-Hoyle, who is the Director of Inspiration at Inspired Workplace Performers, said this. De began her talk by asking the more than seventy women in the room three questions: Who would say they were really excited to tell […]