Tag: Sales

  • Getting clients to trust you by writing great blog posts

    Getting to know your clients Step one in building relationships with clients is to give your website visitors what they came for: useful information, products, or services, most of which can be found in great blog content. In return, you might get the name and email address of your visitor, which is the most valuable […]

  • If your top three workers vanished, what would you do?

    You have reservations for travel to a convention with your sales, marketing, operations, and communications teams. You run late at the last second. You direct them to proceed. Imagine the unfathomable right now. They don’t attend the conference. The cops are unable to find them. Your cherished company’s voice, head, and heart are no longer […]

  • Clans. Well, it’s a revolution, as you may have guessed by now

    There are approximately 400 million active entrepreneurs in the globe, and our ranks have grown by about 22% in 2011*. Scott Harley recently wrote in Forbes, “We’re part of the global entrepreneurial elite, an identity that transcends borders, ethnicities, and religion.” A digital revolution will also be on display during the 2018 US presidential elections. […]

  • The 12 months till Christmas

    I know it’s mean to talk about next Christmas when the last one has just faded away under the weight of our resolutions. But next Christmas is only a year away, and time is moving faster and faster. Could the Universe be playing a joke on us? It’s actually cut in half every second, so […]

  • How to solve problems in small businesses

    Not at all strange. Since most of us learned our trades in the nanosecond it took for the digital revolution to turn the business world upside down. So, most people in our buying cycle start from a place where they seem happy, because they don’t know there’s a problem to begin with. This is not […]