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  • I absolutely abhor sales.

    As a company owner, how many times have you heard the phrase “I love what I do but hate selling it?” It appears to be a gut reaction to putting a value on something they care about and then having to ask for it. For small businesses, “sales” is a relatively new concept. The term […]

  • Several little sites or one large one? While a large thought is forming, a solution is provided.

    Despite all my recommendations for keeping a steady stream of content, I have stalled since the beginning of the year. Why? Over the holiday season, there was a huge concept that, like all large ideas, needed to germinate and develop a little before bearing fruit. We’ll start the new year with a tired cliche just […]

  • How to design a book cover on a tight budget

    Before making the cover, you have to write the book. Writing a book is a gamble. First of all, your “what do you think you’re doing?” tirade sounds like you’ve taken a lot of mind-altering drugs and poured them into your Lizard brain. Even though people are yelling and screaming, the antidote, which is like […]

  • Researching keywords is a critical step in launching a business blog.

    Given the recent collaboration between Bing and Facebook and Google’s responses, it’s possible that the manner in which search engine results are presented is going to undergo a radical change. Web 2.0 may soon be a thing of the past, and online marketing strategies may change. However, until this is proven, people interested in starting […]

  • Let’s go back to the beginning and get started!

    Online, a week might feel like an eon. So many people jammed so much into so little time. What would have required scribes decades to think of, write down, and publish just takes a blink now. Wearing two hats is ineffective for everyone, which is the premise behind Inspiring Women Online. Additionally, I had on […]