The 7P challenge© – online marketing consulting

As a small business, if you know nothing about marketing online, where should you start?

Internet marketers, join the the 7P Challenge©. Give small business the benefit of your online marketing consulting with one tip to start them out on their online marketing. Help them save time and money and achieve their very best outcome.

Those of us already involved in internet marketing know there is a seemingly endless and vast array of online business opportunity.

One click on a link can take you to a place of learning, but is just as likely to send you on a trip though endless links which, at best, will cause you intense frustration.

If you have started on your online marketing quest, you may be familiar with this scenario:

You have been sent, or tracked down, a potential solution which you follow through. Hours, and often another credit card payment later, you have been sidetracked, or are no closer to the place you thought you wanted to be, or you own yet another product which you are unsure of or are not ready to use.

The internet is not only vast, it is also mercurial. The place you thought you wanted to be seems often to morph into something else entirely.

There are so many players. So many people with fabulous internet marketing products to offer, so many ways to do the same thing differently.

After a while, sometimes months, even years later, a pattern starts to emerge. It comes with finding the right people. These internet marketers have much in common.

They are focused, dedicated and usually very generous. They have a tangible sense of discipline, resulting in the ability to follow one path until they are either rewarded or they have assessed it as worthless. They definitely fail fast and move on.

The 7P Platform©
They are passionate about what they do, they plan, they position themselves, they build relationships, they follow processes, they are persistent and they are mostly very successful, enjoying great profits from their internet activities.

The 7P Challenge©
Here is an opportunity for them to tell you, if you know nothing about marketing online, where should you start. It is the best place to begin. Good advice for your first step.

Let’s challenge these talented and generous people to give you the benefit of their online marketing consultancy with just one tip on how to start your online marketing. Join the conversation!

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