How to build a community from A to Z

Is what you’re doing to build community leading to piles of business cards, likes, links, and followers? Clusters collect dust and have no real value. Zero.

Your time is the most valuable thing you have

Collecting clusters when you could be building your clan online and offline is not only a waste of a scarce resource, but it also makes you look like you don’t mean what you’re doing and limits your energy.

Clans have the same goals and plans.
When you’re clear and focused on “why” you do what you do, and when you talk about it with passion and purpose, you make connections that matter. Putting your connections to work for your goal helps you build a clan.

Clan-building has never been easier than it is now.
We live in a time when your head, your heart, and the Internet can all come together to give you an idea that will boost your business and help others. Cheers to your clan’s strength!

Clans. A group of businesses that all support the same cause and speak up for it, act on it, and buy from it.

How to Build a Community from A to Z

A. Antennae. Tune in. Be on the lookout in both online and offline conversations for the little gems that deep listening will reveal about how you can help, add value, or refer someone else. These pieces of information are a key sign of connection.

B. Blog to make money. Building an advocating clan takes time and work, just like anything else that is worth it. You must first build strong foundations that are based on a clear sense of purpose and are held together by clear communication. Without these, everything you do in the future will be random and fall apart like a house of cards.

C. Conversation. “Buy my service or product” or “You have a problem, I can fix it” is not a good way to start a real conversation, whether it’s on your website, in a sales brochure, or while networking. When it’s based on a shared passion and a common goal, though, it turns into the lively talk of a partnership.

D. Delve. There are powerful tools on the Internet that can help you learn more and make you more curious. When passion drives it, curiosity can’t be held back. Then, every click could lead you to a new person with whom you could build a relationship and who has new ideas.

E. Engage. You’ve done the work to find your clan members; now you need to talk to them. Trust will grow if you have a clear vision and back it up with kindness, humor, quirkiness, and openness. Once people are interested in your vision, they will sign up and work with you.

F. Focus. Business owners are always coming up with new ideas and looking for new opportunities. Clan Makers have clear goals. They have narrowed their focus and gone after it like a laser. This single-mindedness of vision and goal is what binds a clan together.

G. Kindness. We no longer have to hold on to our intellectual property like a tightwad. The more you share your knowledge and skills, the more you connect with other people. Share it, teach it, blog about it, make videos about it, or give it away.

H. Jokes. Laughter brings people together and is important for healthy relationships. Clans do well in places where people like to party and laugh. Grinning is good.

I. Openness to all. Your visitor needs to feel like he or she is being invited in, made to feel at home, and introduced to the other people. They shouldn’t feel like they don’t belong. When people feel like they are already part of the team and that their contribution is valued, they are more likely to get involved.

J. Just. When we “just” do what we have to do, we live in a world that is short and without color. When we actively try to be “just” with clients, employees, and suppliers, and then ask, “What is “just” for us to do beyond our bottom line?” we become change-makers and supercharge our lives.

K. Keywords. These little online gems can help you find someone who is looking for you or help you find someone who is looking for you. Not just with the help of search engines, but also by exploring a world that is linked together. Keywords can bring someone you want to talk to, work with, or learn from every day into your inbox.

L. Lizard. This reptilian brain hides at the base of our heads and fights hard against empire building so that we stay safe and comfortable. Its sneaky whispers, “Why should you care about anyone else? “Who would listen to you anyway?” is a great way to stop anyone from building a clan. You can ignore it or make it feel better by making it think you have plenty.

M. Momentum. Clans that do well start out small and grow over time. They pick up speed and spread out in ways you might not have expected. If you teach people in your clan how to use that momentum, they will help more people join.

N. Nurture. Nurturing is an artistic act. What kind of care can you give to get your clan fired up and moving toward your shared goal? Feeding your clan means talking to them, getting them involved, and giving them the tools they need to help you reach your goals.

O. Online. To build a clan, you have to be online. It’s also a Medusa that lures us into time-sucking vortices and energy-draining black holes. The goal when you’re online should be to make a clear, doable daily plan for only the activities that will help you meet the people you want to meet and grow your clan.

P. Drive and a goal. People come together when they have the same interests and goals. This fusion gives off a lot of energy and drive and makes things possible that weren’t possible before. Passion is what makes work feel like play.

Q. Quirky. People who are quirky are a certain type. Clan Makers are unique because they aren’t afraid to show how much they care, believe strongly in their mission, and talk about it in their own voice. If you hide your differences because you’re afraid of being rejected or laughed at, tell your Lizard Brain to stop talking nonsense and instead shine a light on what makes you unique.

R. Giving back. Giving for mutual benefit. The way people show they care for each other has changed. No longer do you scratch my back and I’ll scratch yours. Now, it’s all about giving and giving more, and yes, the universe makes it so that when you do that, you’ll get something back. But this must be done in a real way. If you only give to get something back, your clan will find out and split up.

S. Telling stories. Everything you do and know that fits with your purpose and passion is a story. How you and your clan make a difference is a story. Everyone in your clan has a story. Explain. Just say it into the phone. Write it down. Share it. It will both add people to your clan and find people who like you and want to work with you.

T. Trust. Used too much, but not too much. Use the Trust Monitor on everything you read and everything you might buy. Rate it on a scale from 0 to 10 for Authenticity, Competence, Disclosure, Inclusivity, and Transparency. Then use the same filters for your products and communications. For Trust to grow, they should always be close to 10.

U. Oneness. A clan is a group. It has the same goal and intention. It’s a complicated whole that is often made up of groups of people living together. Its strength and ability to change come from its structure.

V. Vivid vision. It’s how often and passionately you paint your vision in bright splashes of color that will stir and move your clan. A clear vision is alive, like something that gets stronger the more you talk about it, invite other people to talk about it, think about it, and so on. It’s a must if you want to build your clan.

World Wide Web, or WWW. Because the web is so complicated, it gives each of us the power to make a difference and build a clan that helps the community. To make it work for you, you need to first take control of all your online spaces and then make an online action plan that is simple and only includes things you can do in your everyday life.

X. ‘Хcitement! Excitement is contagious. It makes everyone around it believe in what’s possible and give them the energy to make it happen. Getting people excited is a buzz. It’s play that happens at a certain time and place, and you and your clan will make it happen because you want to be there.

Y. Year. If you work five days a week for eight hours a day and have a few days off, you will have worked about 1,800 hours in a year. Folklore about marketing says that you should spend 10% of your budget or time on marketing. This would be 180 hours a year, or 3.75 hours a week. Your community is the best way to market yourself. Allow yourself to spend these hours building your clan.

Z. Zest. Sparkle, ardour, exuberance, passion, vigour. Zest is the explosive energy you put into doing what you love. What makes Clan Makers unique. They are full of ideas for how to bring more abundance, change, and goodness into the world. This helps them supercharge their lives and make a difference for others.

Clans as the 7C Plan to Clan: Clarity, Curiosity, Coherence, Control, Communication, Connection, and Collaboration explains how to build a clan that helps the community and increases equity in your business while reducing inequity for others. This process will build a strong community if it is used with commitment, kindness, and consistency.