The challenge

Where should you start as a small business if you don’t know anything about building an online community, blogging, or marketing your business online?

Join the challenge if you are a business marketer. Help small businesses with their online marketing by giving them one tip to get them started. Help them save money and time and get the best result possible.

Those of us who are already in marketing know that there are a huge number of online business opportunities that seem to go on forever.

One click on a link can take you to a place where you can learn something, but it can also send you on a trip through endless links that will, at best, make you very angry.

If you’ve already started marketing online, you may be familiar with the following:

You have been given or found a possible solution, which you then act on. After hours, and often another credit card payment, you find that you’ve gotten off track, you’re not any closer to where you thought you wanted to be, or you have yet another product that you don’t know how to use or don’t know how to use.

The Internet is not only very big, but it also changes all the time. Most of the time, the place you thought you wanted to be changes into something else.

So many people are in the game. So many people have great products to sell on the Internet, and there are so many ways to do the same thing in different ways.

After some time, sometimes months or even years, a pattern starts to show itself. Find the right people and it will happen. These people who make money online have a lot in common.

They have clear goals, work hard, and are usually very kind. They have a strong sense of discipline, which lets them stick to one path until it pays off or they decide it’s not worth it. They fail quickly and then move on.

They love what they do, plan, position themselves, build relationships, follow processes, are persistent, and are usually very successful, making a lot of money from their online activities.

The Obstacle
Here is a chance for them to tell you where to start if you know nothing about online marketing. It is a good place to start. For your first step, this is good advice.

Let’s ask these smart and kind people to give you just one tip on how to start your online marketing so you can get the most out of their online marketing consulting. Join in on the talk!