If you blog, the scheduling tool will make money.

A group of multinational bloggers exhausts their combined brains each month to find the finest practical knowledge and subject-matter expertise they can on a selected business issue.

Interesting styles, voices, and experiences are the end product. Additionally, there are always thoughts, phrases, memes, or tidbits that can alter the way you approach business operations, customer support, internet marketing, productivity, or simply daily living. I’m honored to be a part of this group.

The Carnies (Word Carnival Bloggers) are offering you the top online tools for less than $10 per month this month. It will be a monty, as usual. They may be read here.

I also have the good fortune to be a member of the KPIs, a friendly group of entrepreneurs. There is a closed Facebook group for us. What would be the greatest scheduling platform? was recently asked in a post.

I’m not a computer expert, but as a coach and business professional, I do have a very severe problem. Due of my time dyslexia. Sincerely, if it isn’t a recognized syndrome, it ought to be.

I have a strong conviction that I can complete tasks that should take eight hours in two, which leads to constant double booking, excuse-making, running late, and stress. And to make matters worse, I still like keeping a paper diary.

Despite the fact that using a paper journal exposes me as a phony. As I am discussing “Getting It Right Online,” I take out my dependable A4 KasCare journal and hand-write in an appointment, typically over several layers of white-out tape.

Sad. But before Acuity Scheduling, I just lacked the momentum to make a shift.

Don’t misunderstand; this change in behavior wasn’t caused by an online calendar. No. It was something deeper than that, far deeper.

Acuity Scheduling is a sales procedure that is automated.

The aforementioned KPIs are individuals that have completed Key Person Of Influence, a demanding business course that is currently offered on four continents, including the USA.

We gained a lot of sales knowledge. It also included setting up your sales process so that you give away some excellent products with no conditions attached, then introduce a low-risk engagement that will allow people to see more of what you are capable of, which, if you are good at what you do, should result in a core offer that asks, “How do I get more of you?”

It’s a successful tactic. However, for the sales world’s wallflowers, implementation is not always simple.

With the help of Acuity Scheduling, you can arrange your flow of offers in a way that is so clear, understandable, and practical that it simply eliminates the uncomfortable “Now I must tell you how much it is going to cost” sentence.

This is the procedure. You must pay $10 each month. Create your various appointment kinds, and then just put the code on your website page.

Now for the catch. You must first have cultivated some form of desire.

You. Whatever it is that makes others want a piece of you, whether it be your amazing personality, your must-have offer, your immeasurable influence, or your internet presence, is to blame. Because, if you haven’t, nobody really cares, regardless of how compelling your appointment possibilities are.

How do you go about that? blogging, naturally. narrating a narrative. I’ve created a book on this site about why you should blog to back up this firmly held belief. Here are some recommended books for bedtime.

5 reasons to blog well
Battle of the intellect is your legacy through blogging. How to silence your lizard in seven ways.

Start blogging now. Your Acuity Scheduling appointments may then be organized.

People will at the very least be interested in speaking with you. And as Kylie Bartlett noted when she first introduced me to this endearing tool, individuals self-regulate when they schedule a free 20-minute talk. Oh, I know I won’t have much time, so let’s get right to it.

This has to be the greatest method to reclaim that time while also demonstrating your worth if, like me, you’ve spent numerous hours consulting for free over the phone or at coffee. Win-win for everybody.

And if you want to schedule time with me right now, without any red tape or multiple reservations, go here. That is, of course, assuming I am able to schedule all of my appointments first.