Let’s go back to the beginning and get started!

Online, a week might feel like an eon. So many people jammed so much into so little time. What would have required scribes decades to think of, write down, and publish just takes a blink now.

Wearing two hats is ineffective for everyone, which is the premise behind Inspiring Women Online. Additionally, I had on two quite distinct hats.

So how can you combine Why You Must Blog and KasCare? If not together, at least through pooling resources so that my efforts had some sort of synergy.

Online is the focus of KasCare. There is no internet, no KasCare community, and the kids are not covered. That easy.

We could only have thought of the straightforward concept that launched knit-a-square, the main initiative of KasCare, if we had even the most fundamental awareness of the internet’s capacity for virality.

We are reminded that we humans actually want to connect with people we like and trust at the beginning of Ken Evoy’s 10 Step Action Guide from Site Build It, the platform on which knit-a-square is constructed.

The internet is overpopulated with scammers and get-rich-quick schemes on the one hand, and slow-loading sites with boring, unchanging material on the other.

Consequently, the following learnings from that early training stood out:

1. If you build a blog or website crammed full of insightful and useful content, you will stand out from the competition right away.

2. If the services you provide are sincere and generous, customers are likely to think well of you or your establishment.

3. If you do your homework and determine what your most desired visitor actually needs (information, a solution, a product, or thoughts), and you deliver it, it’s probable that they will give it some thought.

4. If you organize your research and content such that search engines can quickly discover it, they will eventually present it to the correct audience.

5. Repeat business is the foundation of a successful business, just as it is in life. You must cultivate relationships in order to do that. To grow, they require attention, nurture, respect, and regard. Consequently, it is available online.

All these factors were taken into consideration when creating Knit-a-square. The goal was very clear: to provide warmth and comfort to some of the 1.9 million children who have been rendered vulnerable or orphaned by poverty and HIV/AIDS. We polled individuals who like knitting or crocheting for charitable causes.

In order to successfully assist these youngsters, many of us are now working on several projects all across the world.

Finding and enlisting additional knitters online to join our worldwide army of more than 5,000 is one of my tasks. I oversee the procedure through which we establish rapport and confidence with this very kind community.

I do this by promoting and participating in ongoing dialogue through a number of online platforms, including an important and lively forum, a blog, a website, Facebook, and a regular stream of news through an online magazine.

It made logical to apply this expertise to the business sector when I was compelled to start a firm. The outcome was Why You Must Blog, a guide intended to show businesses how to build an online community using similar techniques, mainly blogging.

We have now returned to the beginning. The Need for Blogging.

All five of the major lessons I took away from those early months are rooted in good blogging. It gives you the tools to share useful knowledge, which gradually increases trust and, in the end, fosters community.

To Inspiring Women Online we go. I just adore that name. Be motivated. Be motivational.

The majority of women from all backgrounds agree with the idea of developing trust and community. But there isn’t a magic formula for success.

Online success has many facets and involves both science and art. But most of all, it comes down to action. working through the steps, taking the time to determine what works for you, and then putting it into practice. It might be a solitary occupation. but no more!

A community, a resource, and a place to ponder the why, what, and how of anything online are all part of Inspiring Women Online.

Why You Must Blog explains how to achieve this step by step.

The living example of how it functions is KasCare.

Harry S. Truman once said something that we should all take to heart and use as our personal motto.

If you do not worry about receiving recognition, you will be amazed at what you can achieve.