Top 7 Patong Activities

Nightlife in Patong

In fact, Patong is the spot to go if you want to go clubbing and partying in Phuket since there are so many things to do there at night. Phuket’s nightlife epicenter is Patong, where you can party all night long! For the proper price, almost everything is available, and they don’t try to disguise it either.

World-famous and renowned, Patong’s nightlife is quite the experience.

But if partying hard isn’t your thing, you’re not required to do it in Patong. The majority of Patong’s go-go bars, discos, and strip clubs can be found on one street, the renowned Bangla Walking Street (Soi Bangla). So, if you’d prefer, you may simply skip Patong’s party scene.

Walking Street in Bangla

The main party district in Patong (and all of Phuket) is Bangla Walking Street, or Soi Bangla as it is known in Thai. Tourists from all around Phuket flock here to party and have a good time.

A 400-meter stretch of Bangla Street is off-limits to automobiles and motorcycles. Bangla is jam-packed with pedestrians instead of automobiles, including families, couples, and partygoers who are out on a stroll to take in the mayhem. Pubs, clubs, discos, go-go bars, and strip clubs line both sides of the street.

As soon as you enter Bangla Street, you can’t help but notice the neon lights flashing, the music blaring, and the females holding up signs advertising sex acts, strip shows, and ping-pong performances. In amongst the throng on Bangla Street, street artists and dancers frequently put on performances.

Night markets & retail

With its lively markets, night markets, and largest shopping center in Phuket, the Jungceylon, Patong is one of the greatest locations to shop in Phuket.

The largest mall in Phuket is the Jungceylon, and it is prominently displayed in the middle of Patong, directly across from Bangla Walking Street. The mall is rather large, including a sizable department store named Robinson, a well-stocked Big C supermarket, and more than 200 more stores carrying both well-known worldwide brands and smaller, regional Thai names.

The Jungceylon retail center has everything you could possibly need, including apparel, accessories, cosmetics, toys, mobile phones, sporting goods (at SuperSports and Sports World), and other types of technology.

And if you feel hungry, don’t worry; there are more than 20 restaurants providing anything from Thai, European, Korean, Chinese, and Japanese food. In the Port Square, Silang Boulevard, and Sino Phuket Zones of the mall are where you’ll find the majority of the eateries, bars, and cafés. With its open-air space, the Sino Phuket Zone is particularly stunning (it has a roof, but it is high up, so you hardly notice it). The food court is likewise highly well-liked.

The Shell World Museum & Shop is a great place to look if you want something different to buy. This museum is packed with various shells and information on the shells; it’s a terrific spot to browse for special presents and souvenirs to take home.

A 16-lane bowling alley is also available at Jungceylon, which is excellent fun if it’s raining or you just want to get out of the sun. It has five screens and is located on the third level of the building. Snooker tables and video games are available at the Strike Bowl. You should visit the Mario Land Games Zone if you enjoy gaming or have children who do (2nd floor). Snooker and other entertaining games like Guitar Hero are available here. At the Jungceylon shopping center, there is also Kidzoona Phuket, a fantastic indoor play area for youngsters.

Observe Thai boxing

Seeing a Thai Boxing or Muay Thai bout is a significant element of understanding Thai culture because it is the national sport of Thailand. Muay Thai is a centuries-old martial art. Muay Thai is said to have been one of eight disciplines that the males of the country were required to learn in the early kingdom of Sukhothai (1238–1583).

The boxers in Thai Boxing, also known as “The art of the eight limbs,” employ their hands, shins, elbows, and knees.

At Patong Boxing Stadium, Muay Thai boxing matches are broadcast every Monday, Thursday, and Saturday from 21:00 to 23:00. As the evening progresses, they move from young combatants, approximately 10 years old, to professional fighters.

350 spectators may be seen in the professional boxing venue known as Patong Boxing Stadium. Additionally, it features a bar where you can buy popcorn, french fries, and other small foods in addition to quenching your thirst.

Three seating choices are available, including VIP seats that put you ringside and close to the boxing arena. You may also pick whether or not the ticket includes a hotel shuttle.

Wednesday, Friday, and Sunday from 21:00 till midnight are the three evenings a week where Thai boxing matches are broadcast at Bangla Boxing Stadium.

The Bangla Boxing Stadium is a sizable, contemporary, two-story venue with an amphitheater encircling the ring to provide everyone in attendance a clear view of the action. On the ground level, there are four bars that serve beer. You can see authentic Muay Thai fights here (no tourist attractions), including both international and local fighters.

The fight nights begin with young competitors between the ages of 10 and 14, and the caliber of the contests rises during the course of the evening. Thai boxers who have won national or world titles typically compete in the final match of the evening.

The VIP tickets, which are located in the first row near to the ring and cost THB 2500 ($82), are the nicest and most costly ones. The cheapest tickets are stadiums where you sit up in the amphitheater (THB 1700 = US$ 56), followed by ringside seats (THB 2000 = US$ 66).

Zipline and Jungle Canopy Walkway Fun

At Flying Hanuman in Patong, ziplining over the trees is a novel way to see Phuket’s rain forest. Your heart will undoubtedly race as you hang 40 meters over the jungle’s trees on a zip line.

In Patong’s forest sits the Flying Hanuman camp. You will be flying between the treetops and platforms and going through cool canopy walkways since the ziplines are linked between the wooden platforms high in the trees. A wonderful way to enjoy Phuket’s natural beauty! Before venturing out into the outdoors, use lots of insect repellant.

They take seriously matters of safety and security. On the zipline and canopy walkway, you will always have two safety guides with you.

Discover How To Make Traditional Thai Food

You may learn to prepare a variety of classic Thai foods on this half-day session, including Tom Yam Kung, Phad Thai, Green Curry, Mango Sticky Rice, Chicken Satay, Tom Kha Kai, spring rolls, and much more. Every course on the daily-changing menu begins with a trip to the neighborhood market to pick up the necessary items.

Since food plays a significant role in Thai culture, you will also learn some fundamental Thai terms and phrases as well as some information about Thai culture in general. You will be able to enjoy the delicious Thai cuisine you have prepared, so be sure to arrive here on an empty stomach.

Scuba and Snorkeling

Many diving outfits operate diving and snorkeling excursions to reefs, caves, wrecks, and islands in the Phuket region in and around Patong. There are both shorter day cruises and longer multi-day liveaboard vacations available.

The majority of day trips involve diving outside of the islands of Racha Noi and Racha Yai, known for their crystal-clear waters, Ko Phi Phi, where you may encounter sharks and sea turtles, the King Cruiser Wreck, Shark Point, Anemone Reef, and Koh Dok Mai. Liveaboard excursions often take you diving in the picturesque Similan Islands, where you may view and swim with whale sharks and manta rays at Richelieu Rock, Koh Bon, and Tachai.

You may enroll in the Discover Scuba Dive course or the PADI Open Water Diving course/certificate at various diving centers. The Discover Scuba Diving course is a fun and quick way to learn more about diving and experience an actual dive with a professional.

The southeast coast of Phuket’s Maiton Island is an excellent place to go snorkeling if you choose not to dive. You could be fortunate enough to swim alongside dolphins.