It’s Time to Start a Blog! Two Young Bloggers Show You Why!

Using a blog for your company, or content marketing as it is now known, may be a huge benefit.

Although each of these have the potential to be a source of residual income, here are two excellent reasons why you should blog for reasons other than business.

A personal triumph is one of them. When I told her that she would be a fantastic blogger because of her unique style and love of fashion, Kalai, my eldest daughter, refused. She is a student of counseling and has developed an interest in how women’s self-esteem is affected by their perceptions of their physical attractiveness.

At the beginning of May, she came up with the concept for a blog that encompassed both the style and self-esteem aspects of her identity. Using the domain name Style Your Esteem, she had me set up a WordPress website for her. On May 2, 2011, she started her first blog.

Her early traffic has been influenced by the fact that she’s a big fan of the social networking site Facebook, as are most of her peers. But by no means all. As of today, she has established relationships with ladies in the UK, Australia and Germany. There are a number of people who have shared their thoughts on the importance of their appearance and how it influences their feeling of self-worth.

One of her most recent blog posts, in which she discussed her deepest fear, has received an overwhelmingly positive reaction from readers. In addition to the responses she’s receiving and the relationships she’s forming, it’s important to consider how the experience has affected her. Her interest in fashion is becoming more and more intense. So does her eagerness to lend a hand. Style Your Esteem is still in its infancy, but I have no doubt that it will develop in stature soon, which will open opportunities for her that she had never anticipated. You need a blog for all of these reasons, and more.

Last year, during a networking lunch where Soozey Johnstone was the featured speaker, I met the chair of Business3000 Melbourne, Soozey Johnstone. In light of her articulate and passionate speech on the advantages of networking, I inquired about her blog after the meal. She didn’t, but admitted that she’d been thinking about it. After meeting someone as vibrant and full of life as Soozey, we had numerous delightful, lengthy café encounters where we talked about practically everything except business.

For those who didn’t read Dimitri’s remark, here’s what he had to say: Mama Mia mixed with Eat Pray Love… For a ten-day-old blog, it may be considered a reasonable jump. But who knows?

To discover out, I encourage you to read this enthralling story about Greece and its loving, passionate population.

They were both built on WordPress using the Thesis design framework, which makes building a professional look and feel a breeze. Both have been optimized for search engines and have already shown encouraging results.

The reaction should be exponential once there is a substantial amount of optimized material on both platforms. Joint venture prospects and other monetization methods become apparent when you have a large volume of focused visitors. However, it’s important to remember that this is a process that relies on high-quality material and a healthy dose of enthusiasm.