Uncover the Beauty of Erawan Falls: A One-Day Hiking Itinerary

Erawan Falls, located in the Erawan National Park in western Thailand, is a must-see destination for nature lovers and hikers. The waterfall, made up of seven tiers, is known for its crystal clear water and picturesque surroundings.

Hiking to the First Tier

Upon arrival at the Erawan National Park, purchase your entrance ticket and begin the hike to the first tier of the waterfall. The trail is well-maintained and offers a moderate level of difficulty, making it accessible to hikers of all abilities.

The first tier of Erawan Falls is the most popular and offers a great swimming spot for visitors. The crystal clear water and lush greenery make for a picturesque setting. Take a dip and enjoy a picnic lunch before continuing on to the next tier.

Exploring Tiers 2-3

As you continue on the trail, you’ll come across the second and third tiers of the waterfall. These tiers offer a more secluded and peaceful experience, as they are less crowded than the first tier. Take a dip in the natural pools and enjoy the tranquility of the surroundings.

Climbing to Tiers 4-7

For the more adventurous hikers, the trail continues to the fourth, fifth, sixth, and seventh tiers of the waterfall. These upper tiers offer a more challenging hike, with steep inclines and rocky terrain. The reward, however, is well worth it as the views from the top are simply breathtaking. The seventh tier offers a natural Jacuzzi-like pool, where you can relax and soak in the surroundings.


After a full day of hiking and exploring Erawan Falls, it is time to depart. Before leaving, be sure to stop by the park’s souvenir shop to purchase a memento of your visit.

Erawan Falls is a natural wonder that should not be missed. With its crystal clear water, lush greenery, and picturesque surroundings, the waterfall offers a truly unforgettable hiking experience. Whether you choose to hike to just the first tier or all seven, you are sure to be amazed by the natural beauty of Erawan Falls.