Using LinkedIn to meet new people

Do you have a list of things to do every day when you use LinkedIn to network?

What does and doesn’t work? How long does it take, and is it worth your time? The truth is that if you use LinkedIn every day to network, the benefits will grow and grow. It’s similar to why you should blog. It needs to happen often and always the same way.

I try to do this every day, but most of the time I only do it four times a week.

Try this way to use LinkedIn. What is it like for you?

1. Every morning, look through the email alerts from the LinkedIn groups you’ve joined.

2. Choose the discussions where you think you can make a contribution.

3. Click on these links to open them in your browser so you can comment on them easily throughout the day while doing other things.

4. Talk about what was said. This will often lead to people asking you to join their networks.

5. Take a look at your invitations.

6. Look at each person’s profile.

7. Check out their site. Is there something you can confirm, add value to, or make a meaningful comment on?

8. Now, go back to the invitation, accept it, and include any contribution you can make in your reply.

9. Reply to the other people’s answers. If you sent a contribution with your first email of acceptance, you will often get a response.

10. If you have a group, like Inspiring Women Online!, invite people to join.

11. Ask people to follow your blog, especially if you just posted something relevant.

12. Invite people to meet up if they live in the same city and you think you have something to offer them in the form of a service or strategic alliance. Or maybe they have something you’d like to have. In either case, you have made a connection.