Why use the Thesis theme for WordPress?

The Thesis Word Press Theme was made with sophisticated design features and smart SEO optimization. This is what you need to start a business blog.

A big part of the online journey starts with a strong idea that can quickly turn into mush and then slowly, almost imperceptibly, grow into innate knowledge.

Pixels of knowledge that add up byte by byte like a meteor shower.

My decision to start a blog was inevitable, but as an idea, it crept in rather than showing up one day and saying, “I’m here, you must do me.”

When I think back, it might have been Jen Price’s “I Believe in Love” website. Jen Price is the co-founder of Ten Thousand Homes, an amazing charity in South Africa. The mix of personal details, stories about the orphans they take care of, recipes, and photos of the children was very interesting. I didn’t even know it was moving at the time. When I went back to the site a week or so later, I was surprised to see that the “home page” looked nothing like I remembered it.

This happened not too long ago. And that’s something else about learning online. Even though it gets into your brain slowly, pixel by pixel, byte by byte, what you learn and how you can use it in real life is lightning fast.

Not that the trip has been trouble-free. There is never anything worth learning. In fact, the beginning of the process was awful. Since I was used to traditional websites, the dashboard of a WordPress blog was scary at first.

What was the deal with this love affair between Internet marketers and WordPress? No hand-holding or step-by-step instructions, just a bunch of widgets and plug-ins written in PHP and CSS. Well, it’s about how to improve SEO. WordPress is a big hit with search engines.

So why use the Thesis WordPress theme?
When you find someone online whose heart is in the right place, it is always exciting. The person who made Thesis, Chris Pearson, seemed to be just this kind of person. On top of that, Thesis is known in the world of internet marketing as one of the best SEO-optimized WordPress themes.

In terms of typography, Design Thesis is also beautifully put together. Chris Pearson is someone I agree with on this point. I used to be a graphic designer, so I know how important it is to place and size type in a way that makes it easy to read. It also makes a difference for the spiders used by search engines to list your pages.

At last, someone had made a framework that both people and bots could use to understand typography. Before, only a web designer who spent hours coding could do this.