Your blog is the heart of your social media campaign.

Go ahead and be honest. Several hours into your assignment, you realize that you’ve left fragments of yourself and your thoughts scattered around the internet, with no consideration of whether or not they’ll do anything useful for your company.

However, this does not negate the need of providing intelligent and useful advice for the benefit of the reader and your own online reputation. It’s just that there has to be some kind of order to it.

I adore the kindness of the internet worldwide community. People give out their most important information in order to communicate with you. In spite of the overwhelming amount, we have all reaped the benefits from this apparently limitless reservoir of shared information.

Having a discipline that assures maximum benefit for the proper (not minimal) amount of time and effort spent online is vital. Yvonne’s essay is based on the notion that your blog is not just the centerpiece of your social media strategy, but that your whole plan is dependent on it as well.

There’s a good reason to write for a certain audience and then use strategies to maximize your content’s value. This is the way through which you will both build and nurture your community online.